I have experience of working within engineering, research, healthcare, art, design and construction/architecture.

CV and references available on request.

Crendon Timber Engineering – website here:
Linked In news feed here:

Norwich University of the arts projects:
Design project “Bull in a china shop”
bull M & W
The brief required a full size model of a bull made from crockery. Overcoming the challenge of fabricating the piece from crockery required developing a unique fabrication method. The result was well received globally.

More about this project here:

Public sculpture
Hopkins Homes
Standing around 5m tall and also able to be used as seating, this piece of public art was commissioned to mark the former site of Norwich City Football Club.

More information about this project here:

Identity for Redwell Brewery
With the creation of a new brewery and a range of craft beers, Redwell brewery required a strong modern identity for their product. Now selling well nationally the launch of the range was extremely successful resulting in many outlets nationally.
More information about this project here:
More about Redwell Brewery here:

Youngs Homes projects
Lingwood Ecohomes
As Ecohomes coordinator the development at Lingwood achieved the Ecohome standard ‘Excellent’. It utilised a number of green technologies added to highly insulated buildings and was one of only five developments to achieve this standard in the South East at this time.
CSERGE at the University of East Anglia used this project as a case study.
More about CSERGE here:

Pavillion Place
Norwich rd
65 homes were built on the site of a former cricket pavilion. Aptly named ‘Pavillion Place’, the curvilinear forms (which required meticulous care to execute well) provided a good solution to maximising amenity space for the houses


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