Latest portrait painting by Jo Franklin – international

Close up lrfully framed lr

This work has been embryonic for a while, but now complete it is winging its way to the owner in Spain. The close up includes a British penny to give an idea of scale.
Some say “Never work with children or animals”, but the canine component (a delightful and ever optimistic Hamster hound called “Badger”) was far from camera shy, with a few amusing outtakes as Badger decided ears were good targets for licking!
The general aim was to portray the alert and good natured wisdom of the main subject in their home environment. It was a warm midsummer afternoon in the Mediterranean with water and wine the order of the day. Settled in their favourite chair with a glass of red wine and Badger for company, warm amber hues were an intrinsic part of the composition.
I listened as he talked about his life… Now into his ninth decade, there was no small amount to tell: from life as an engineer, to enduring war, his children and celebrating life with his late partner.

I can only wish this artefact will endure as time goes on.

If you are interested to have a traditional and indelible record of a cherished or irreplaceable person, please contact me using the form below.

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