In another place

In another place

This photo was taken in the Red Sea in 2013.
Clear cobalt water at 26 degrees Celsius, a myriad of fish species and most importantly… some time to enjoy it.
When I grind through the most arduous of tasks, I try to imagine a part of me will always be here.

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3 Responses to In another place

  1. Nic Moody says:

    That looks very tranquil. Do you scuba dive too? x

    • jocfranklin says:

      Not really as I prefer the physical activity of snorkelling and find scuba gear a bit encumbering. When I was in the Red Sea I had a go at seeing how far down I could go and managed 11.6m. I am less fit than I used to be… A minute at 6m used to be standard.

      • Nic Moody says:

        Yes , you have a good point about the heavy scuba gear. For me, I love the fact that scuba gives you around 45minutes to calmly look at everything under the waters surface. Skin diving to 11.6m is very good!

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