I see, you see

seeThe wide variation of people’s reactions in the UK (and elsewhere) to how a person presents themselves fascinates me. The world over, culture is often celebrated and the accepted norms vary enormously. Some don’t want to be accepted, some challenge. Some publicise their particular brand or achievements; often as the most superior. Some simply enjoy popularity; notorious or otherwise.
Practical considerations can overcome convention. I was amused to find myself casually chatting to a group of others in a sauna the other day. Why? The same people may have been less accepting of sitting at a bus stop on a hot day in lycra underwear.
We are taught not to stare, perhaps to politely observe. Why? Why should the gaze of another be uncomfortable to some, yet desirable to others? The answer inevitably lies intrinsically within the individual.
Observer or the observed…? We are all both, unless visually impaired. What we see is often shaped by what we look for, what we have already seen of life and what we prioritise in ourselves.
Artists appear to attempt to record human experience; to preserve them for time to come and to communicate them to others. The more times a work is seen, the more it is absorbed into a culture. The countless digital photographs… The paintings… The advertisements… The broadcasts… Perhaps these are a visual distillation of life, so dependant on one thing: LIGHT.

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