‘Real’ Space

This week I have been researching how artists and designers work in surprising and innovative ways with space.

I have been considering working with space and the connection it could have with portraiture.

I realise that I have experienced many many buildings that contain very predictable right angles. This frustrates me, as I am aware that a cuboid forms are not the only shape that could be used.

In England, I have also experienced very limited surface treatments inside buildings. Again I am frustrated with this, as I am aware that there are other options.

To find a visually biased and experimental treatments of use of space, I have looked at sculptors whose works are large enough to walk in and sets produced by set designers. Both use painterly treatments of the stage set elements to great effect. Lighting and the actors complete the illusion of another time, another place or somewhere completely fictional or fantastic. Specifically, I have looked at the work of Jaroslav Malina, the scenographer.

I have considered stage actors and have a preference for the people who inhabit the spaces I may design to be genuine and not to act or make too much noise. Perhaps also these people should be thoughtful and quiet.

This leads me to think that the spaces I could design may be for relaxation, even recovery or for meditation.

I am considering the scale of such a place. I think the scale of a space largely depends on the speed and energy of the occupants. Recovery spaces are small, spaces for exercise are sometimes vast.

I am also considering the temperature and lighting of the space.
I feel strongly that natural light should always be used when possible, and that this is greatly beneficial to the occupants.

I respect our natural world and the solutions it has found by trial and error. I believe there is a correlation between plants and buildings.

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